Park Row at Mid Towne

Park Row Condominiums at Mid Towne Village
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Size: 53,000 SF

Mid Towne Village is a mixed-use urban redevelopment offering a combination of different yet complimentary uses on a single defined site. Located in the heart of the city, the Village is designed to provide a unique setting that contains a walkable community of residential, retail and office properties. The creation of this community within the fabric of an existing transitional neighborhood will help revitalize the immediate area and extend the medical & research influence of “Health Hill” to the east.

Park Row Condominiums, scheduled to be completed in 2008, is a 4-story residential building located at the heart of the development. The traditional architectural forms and materials give this project a familiar yet sophisticated feel, appropriate for this type of urban residential project.
Parking is located underneath the building where each of the 34 units has a dedicated parking space. Other amenities include balconies, loft units, and a community room.