Grand Rapids, Michigan
Size: 3,700 SF

Kantorwassink is a small advertising adjency located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that does work for Steelcase and Alticore, among others. Through their fine Ad Design and Promotion, their goal is to provide a “WOW” for their clients. The firm has a history of tranforming outcast buildings into cool, edgy office space. They like the idea of being “urban pioneers”.

The new Kantorwassink offices are located in a former industrial part of Grand Rapids, which is recenly making a comeback. The area is conveniently located near the City’s bus station and with easy access to the highway and downtown shopping and restaurants. They are transforming a currently vacant metal prefabricated garage into trendy office spaces. The existing overhead door openings will be infilled with new oversized windows,allowing daylight to filter into the core of the building.