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Cornerstone Architects has provided design services to many cities and communities throughout the Midwest. These services include master planning, revitalization studies, Historic District studies, way-finding programs, and public/private incentives program development. Our experience separates us from the others with several key factors:

▪ We have a creative yet grounded approach to design & master planning, setting the framework for thoughtful and appropriate design to follow.

▪ We understand the constraints of public finances and provide in-depth analysis for determining the best use of public funds for the greatest net result.

▪ We understand that public projects reflect the image of an entire community and work to incorporate that into a design that reflects integrity, stability, function and aesthetics.

▪ We understand what private development can contribute to a municipality and have seen how public/private cooperation can be a positive experience for the long-term vitality of any community.

▪ We understand the importance of zoning and other community planning principles and how to apply these to award winning projects.

Cornerstone has a long history of working side-by-side with governing bodies and community groups to gather input for all types of projects. This inclusive design approach has led to award winning projects that are mindful of the community in which they sit and provide tangible benefits to all involved. Our ability to listen, lead, and communicate is a hallmark of this approach and our project experience in city halls, libraries, fire stations, township halls, and police stations enables us to address the complex needs of municipalities.

Contact: Tom Nemitz